Local, global food in Ann Arbor

By Food Editor Pam Aughe 

The editors of edibleWOW were out exploring again, and this time we visited Ann Arbor. We began at one of the greatest concepts for a local food market called Argus Farm Stop. This market is a true direct-to-consumer market for local producers of vegetables, fruits, meats, baked goods, dairy and artisan foods. Availability changes with the season (which is a new concept for most shoppers), and quality is maintained with sustainable farmers found within 5 to 20 miles from the market. It’s a great way to support a Michigan business that supports our local agriculture 100%. After doing some light food shopping for dinner, we worked up an appetite.

Our next stop was Pastry Peddler right on University of Michigan’s campus. Pastry Peddler is a bakery with an emphasis on French pastries and Michigan pasties. We shared a wonderful take on an apple turnover called an apple puff. It was fluffy, light and delicious. We also tried a bacon and macaroni muffin which was essentially bacon macaroni and cheese baked into a muffin shape.… Read More

Michael Symon’s Roast

By Food Editor Pam Aughe, R.D 

edibleWOW Magazine partners annually each August with the Greening of Detroit to celebrate local food and the growing green movement at the Live Love Local event. This event, held at Eastern Market, was a delicious opportunity to sample foods from 25 of metro Detroit’s best chefs. It is also where we celebrated our local food heroes voted on by our readers.

More recently, the staff of edibleWOW attended the 2014 Roast Gala. This annual  event also supports the Greening in its efforts to promote a healthy and green community. We enjoyed a specially prepared five-course dinner at Roast in downtown Detroit by Chef Michael Symon and Executive Chef Brad Ball.

The chefs prepared grilled trumpet mushrooms with pancetta, tellegio stuffed gnocchi, pan seared scalloop with fennel and apple, dry aged strip stead with porcini puree, and caramel apple cake with a churro and spiced chocolate ice cream. These beautifully prepared plates  were served expertly under the direction of the General Manager, Joseph Allerton. There was excitement in the air regarding Detroit’s resurgence orchestrated by restuarants, chefs, local gardens and food advocates.… Read More

Keep Growing Detroit

By Food Editor Pam Aughe, R.D 

Recently, the staff of edibleWOW took  our weekly meeting on the road in Detroit. We began at Avalon International Breads. Without hesitation I chose the most wonderful chocolate brioche (with house-made chocolate ganache) and Chartreuse organic tea. Offering a variety of artisan baked goods, Avalon was one of the first success stories involving the food and agriculture comeback of Detroit.

From Avalon we had the opportunity to tour a 1.75 acre property owned by MGM Grand Detroit but maintained by the amazing staff of Keep Growing Detroit (KGD). Ashley Atkinson, co-director, hosted the tour. She and only 8 other staff members produce transplants, seeds, perennials, edible flowers, flower bouquets, fruits and vegetables. They also provide education offering more than 100 workshops per year on topics like season extension, building trellises and labor planning. Fourteen other community gardens use KGD as a resource hub for equipment and education. KGD’s goal is to have Detroiters grow the food they consume.

Our last stop before lunch was Our/Detroit vodka in the Hubbard-Richard neighborhood. Our/Detroit vodka is the first micro distillery of its kind in the United States and is run by all women.… Read More

Innovation in Detroit

By Food Editor Pam Aughe, R.D 

Recently Urban Innovation Exchange hosted a wonderful three day event in Detroit. I attended the Future of Food segment where I had the opportunity to listen to food leaders from Detroit and other cities talk about the local food projects that inspire them.

Speakers including Devita Davison of Food Lab Detroit, Dan Carmody of Eastern Market Corporation and Anthony Hatinger of CDC Farm and Fishery, represent the places and organizations that are making changes in Detroit and beyond. These innovators are creating social, environmental and financial profits for the city of Detroit.

After a full morning of information, I was ready for lunch. Just outside Corktown along the industrial side of the Detroit River is Johnny Noodle King, a craft ramen restaurant with a Japanese inspired menu. I enjoyed the carrot ginger bowl and our executive editor had a mushroom salad and bacon rice side. No fountain drinks here—only bottled items like rose lemonade and ginger root beer. It’s great to have another new and interesting place to eat in Detroit.


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