Cozy in Ferndale

By Food Editor Pam Aughe 

edibleWOW took a brief visit to Ferndale to check out a café and bakery called Red Hook Café and a new restaurant called M-Brew (started by the owner of Dino’s Lounge). Red Hook has been a dependable fixture of downtown Ferndale that successfully combines the natural marriage of good coffee and homemade baked goods. M-Brew is the new kid on the block who is taking all things Michigan to another level.

Red Hook Café and Pinwheel Bakery share a cozy space in downtown Ferndale. The bakery provides all the cookies, cakes and macaroons—all from scratch—while the café serves the coffee, tea, hot chocolate and additional breads from Zingerman’s Bakehouse.

Although I immediately chose one of the colorful coffee flavored French macaroons, my favorite, I also saved room for the browned butter short breads, which are a customer favorite. There are also brownies, fruit pastries and even vegan baked goods. It’s the perfect time of year to order a warm beverage, pair it with a homemade baked good and linger.

On the other side of Woodward Avenue in Ferndale is M-Brew who occupies a beautifully refurbished VFW hall.… Read More

Detroit’s Fishy Food Scene

By Food Editor Pam Aughe 

There is always someplace new to eat and explore in Detroit due to the explosion of the local food scene. The constant discovery of new restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, community gardens and food purveyors led us to our latest finds—Always Brewing Detroit, CDC Farm & Fishery and Dangerously Delicious Pies.

We started our morning with a tea, coffee and locally-made baked goods at Always Brewing Detroit in the historic Rosedale Park neighborhood. Always Brewing defines themselves as a community gathering place that serves coffee and locally-sourced food. Some of their local products come from Eli Tea, Chazzano Coffee, Detroit Institute of Bagels, Treats by Angelique and Chez Chloe. In this cozy shop guests are encouraged to linger over coffee and pumpkin bread while listening to a poetry reading or a local musician

Our next stop was the Central Detroit Christian Community Development Corporation (CDC) Farm and Fishery near the Boston Edison neighborhood. We had a wonderful tour from the manager of the farm and fishery, Megan Husch. She explained that this location was originally an old liquor store that was completely restored to hold the weight of the aquaponics and hydroponics equipment.… Read More

Middle Eastern food in Bloomfield, BBQ in Flint

By Food Editor Pam Aughe 

Outdoor farmers’ markets start closing up for the season about this time of year. Harvesting is wrapping up, preserving and storage has begun. Even with the change in season, there are still wonderful year-round Michigan farmers’ markets where we can buy meat, cheese, milk, chicken, eggs and produce. Year round markets in Royal Oak, Lansing and Flint have been around for years while Davison Farmers’ Market is starting its first winter season.

Davison Farmers’ Market is open three days per week and offers all your grocery needs as well as two good places to have lunch, Chatter Box Deli and The Green Olive Tree. I purchased meat for dinner from the butchers at Knob Hill Meat, root vegetables from Penzien Produce and some honey from Bee Booty. There are many wonderful year-round vendors with produce, baked goods, smoked meats, syrups and jams just to name a few. Find the nearest year-round farmers’ market near you and make it your regular shopping destination.

I also had the opportunity to try a new restaurant and revisit a familiar one.… Read More

Local, global food in Ann Arbor

By Food Editor Pam Aughe 

The editors of edibleWOW were out exploring again, and this time we visited Ann Arbor. We began at one of the greatest concepts for a local food market called Argus Farm Stop. This market is a true direct-to-consumer market for local producers of vegetables, fruits, meats, baked goods, dairy and artisan foods. Availability changes with the season (which is a new concept for most shoppers), and quality is maintained with sustainable farmers found within 5 to 20 miles from the market. It’s a great way to support a Michigan business that supports our local agriculture 100%. After doing some light food shopping for dinner, we worked up an appetite.

Our next stop was Pastry Peddler right on University of Michigan’s campus. Pastry Peddler is a bakery with an emphasis on French pastries and Michigan pasties. We shared a wonderful take on an apple turnover called an apple puff. It was fluffy, light and delicious. We also tried a bacon and macaroni muffin which was essentially bacon macaroni and cheese baked into a muffin shape.… Read More